AI – Going Beyond Alexa and into your Association

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Alexa may be your friend or frenemy depending on how you look at it, but AI itself is already here and growing.  Does AI scare you? Do you wonder what AI really is or why you should care about it? Do you worry it may take your job away?  

This month we will explore and answer these questions as we delve into what AI is and what it is NOT.  

Join us as two AI experts discuss the benefits of AI and how you can utilize it to benefit your association.

Key Takeaways

  • Discover what kind of data you need to implement AI
  • Hear stories of how associations have used AI to engage, retain and grow their membership
  • Learn how AI technology can help future-proof your organization to ensure success and longevity
  • Find out how AI can augment your job, not replace it.


The CIO Hour is a monthly webinar designed specifically for non-tech association staff to boost their IT-IQ.



Evan O’Neill, Chief Growth Officer, Hum

Thomas Altman, Co-Founder, Tasio

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The CIO Hour will be recorded each month in case you miss it. However, we hope you attend and engage with the industry experts and other participants regularly so you continue to boost your IT-IQ.

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Nov 10 2022


2:00 pm - 3:00 pm


  • Evan O’Neill
    Evan O’Neill
    Chief Growth Officer, Hum

    Evan O’Neill is an experienced sales leader and startup enthusiast. He has a diverse knowledge-base ranging from mobile app monetization to programmatic ad tech to first/third party data management. Currently, Evan serves as the Chief Growth Officer for Hum, a CDP (customer data platform) built specifically for associations and scholarly publishers. He also spearheads sales and product-market fit for CueBERT, which uses AI and natural language processing to automatically apply topic tags to content.

  • Thomas Altman
    Thomas Altman
    Tasio, Co-Founder

    I started working with Associations after getting a graduate degree in applied data modeling techniques. My focus was on using those techniques to solve business problems. One of the first things I noticed when working with Associations is that, while Associations do a great job of collecting data, hardly anyone is really putting that data to use. I’ve seen too many associations needlessly fall behind in delivering on their mission because they didn’t have the right data analytic tools. I founded Tasio to change that. It’s my goal to bring advanced data science techniques to Associations, so that they can be far more successful delivering value to their members.

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